5 Lucky Zodiac Necklace

It is believed that Aries, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus will be the luckiest star signs for 2021, with Scorpio snapping at the heels of good fortune along with these five fortunate star star signs.

That is not to say that the other signs will not have any luck, on the contrary 2021 is destined for most to be good luck financially as everyone starts to settle into the new normal and find creative ways to make money, to meet people and to enjoy good things.

Some of those good things people desire are different kinds of jewelry.

Let’s look at necklaces for the top 5 luckiest signs.


A star sign associated with tons of good fortune, good looks and money is Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, starting the zodiac calendar from March 20th until April 21st. Since 2021 is a good year for love in this star sign, a necklace that brings good luck and shows off this fortuitous sign should bring a smile to the lucky wearer’s face and give them a positive and glowing outlook for the rest of the year.

Amazon sells a HOLY KT 12 Constellation Zodiac Necklace on a gold tone chain, a with a message card, specially designed for the Aries woman. This fashionable constellation pendant necklace has a beautiful and unique story, bringing good luck whether the wearer is out shopping, visiting friends, attending a wedding or simply chilling at home.

Etsy, on the other hand, sells lucky Aries necklaces for men that epitomize the strength of the ram, with beautiful silver chains of the ideal weight and texture. The wearer can show the sign off as an obvious ram’s head or in a subtly abstract manner in a more delicate, handcrafted outline in a frame.


They say Scorpio, Gemini and Taurus will be attracted to Leo in 2021. While those born under the Leo sign flex their muscles and toned bodies they might want to show off some neck jewelry along with the rippling torso or a lithe and beautiful neckline for female Leos.

Etsy shows off an array of gold-plated, silver and silver-plated unisex necklaces for him or her. The word ‘Leo’ written in old English is attractive, made of stainless steel that is strong and durable, as well as long lasting, just like the Leo person wearing it. This necklace is bound to bring the wearer many envious stares and tons of good luck!


This sign is one of the most hard-working signs in the Zodiac. More good luck is bound to come Virgo’s way for the rest of 2021, especially wearing a sapphire necklace that enhances all the best Virgo traits.

Etsy has several beautiful and delicate Virgo necklaces for good luck in its online store, as well as Virgo lucky charm necklaces and also exquisitely crafted constellation necklaces that are bound to attract even more good fortune to the wearer. For men, a gold-plated and stamped, personalized disc on a chain also brings luck and contrasts well with the skin or when it is shown off beneath an unbuttoned shirt.


Ruled by Saturn and displaying determination and discipline, a lucky necklace for this sign of the zodiac would more than likely be handmade, showing off the constellation and can be worn by him or her, as a sign of strength of character and highlight the kindness that this star sign embodies. Since the sign often leans towards minimalism, jewely is practical, yet attractive.

Capricorn’s luck has been pretty much up and down so far this year, but wearing a lucky zodiac will definitely bring more good luck to this sign.


It is said that the wise Taurus, the bull, will be the captain of its own ship in 2021, working hard and wisely bringing good fortune to its life. So, people born under this sign are believed to have started on a path of good fortune financially as well as in relationships and career from April to August in 2021. Wearing the perfect jewelry to help attract further good fortune is in the offing and Taurians are going to find the most lucky necklaces online now.

Taurus ladies can buy the EFYTAL Taurus necklace from Amazon which is a small gold-filled necklace with their birth month charm on it. This simple, yet stylish pendant is bound to channel lots of good luck to the wearer.

Etsy also has multiple Taurus necklaces for him and her, ranging from delicately handcrafted to uniquely abstract designs that are bound to attract envious stares and a lot of good luck.

While these are considered the top lucky five signs for jewelry this year, the other signs can also expect a lot of good luck and jewelry such as necklaces are just one such accessory to help bring good things into the lives of people.

Don’t forget to wear your zodiac necklace to make your day lucky!

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