How to Choose The Lucky Jewelry According to Zodiac?

A good jewelry piece is more than an elegant fashion statement. It’s a good luck charm that never goes out of style. We are often not sure which jewelry pieces would best enhance the strength and significance of our zodiac signs. Jim Ventura, a renowned astrologer, created a list that guides you to the right lucky jewelry based on your zodiac sign.

Origin of the right gemstone according to zodiac and horoscopes

Gemstones are first mentioned in the bible in Exodus. They are said to be embedded in Jerusalem’s foundation and are twelve in number. A year has 12 calendar months, and for this reason, there are 12 zodiac signs. The 12 signs attribute to characteristics of people born in different months. This is the source of the most common concept of selecting gemstones by month.

The synergy of the gemstones and colors with your aura helps elevate the vibrations created by your zodiac sign’s energy. It helps strengthen your spirits and help you attain your best self. There are also certain jewelry pieces designed to suit you based on your zodiac sign.

Here are some lucky jewelry pieces that would best suit you according to your zodiac:

Aries: Key necklace

Aries are best suited by bright and significant symbols such as a key. It is meant to help them unlock their goals. Aries also draws symbolism from rubies, the sun, and stars. The best luck charm jewelry for this zodiac sign features leadership and warrior symbols.

Leo: Amber stones

Leos like jewelry that is noticeable and symbolic. Their sign is the lion, and gemstones are their passion. Leos are drawn to vibrant, eye-catching symbols such as sunflowers, cats, amber, and gold.

Sagittarius: Rabbit’s foot

Sagittarius adores items from other cultures that carry a particular meaning. This is jewelry that contains anything with a story behind it. Jewelry with items such as mother of pearl, heart and arrow symbols, and a rabbit foot are lucky charms for them.

Gemini: Fuzzy dice

Air symbols and things connected to the mind are considered lucky charm ideas for Geminis. Jewelry with multiple meanings and come in pairs are also perfect for them. These include jewelry with dragonflies, fuzzy dice, mirrors, and butterflies.

Libra: Triangle necklace

Libra signifies balance and jewelry with elegant and attractive symbols best suit people with this zodiac sign. Jewelry with triangles, amethyst, cupid, and pendants are considered lucky for Libras.

Aquarius: Ladybug decor

Aquarians are known to love unique and classic items. They enjoy things that symbolize things out of the ordinary. This includes ladybugs, dragonflies, and things with happy face symbols on them.

Taurus: Horseshoe

People with the Taurus zodiac sign choose practical symbols. They like things that bring abundance and relaxation. These symbols include copper, acorns, horseshoes, the number seven, and gems for wealth.

Virgo: Evil eye keychain

Virgos are drawn to symbols with significant meanings, such as protective cultural symbols. They opt for jewelry depicting the evil eye to protect them from those with jealousy, fruit symbols, and healing symbols.

Capricorn: Four-leaf necklace

Capricorns enjoy jewelry with symbols that are practical but also sentimental. Symbols such as a bee that symbolizes productivity or a classic four-leaf clover signify love, faith, hope, fame, and health.

Cancer: Dolphin

People with the Cancer zodiac sign are drawn to symbols that are connected to home, warmth, family, the water, and the moon. These charms include starfish, dolphins, penguins, bamboo, dogs, silver, and ladybugs.

Scorpio: Moon jewelry

Scorpios are fond of jewelry with deep meaning, which is usually intense for others. They like jewelry with snake charms, silver, lunar symbols, and horseshoes. Scorpios also enjoy symbols that represent their sharp minds.

Pisces: Dream catcher

Pisces are drawn to things that feel magical, the ocean and water. They enjoy jewelry with objects such as emerald, fish, water, and dream catchers. Pisces consider their dreams very important and focus on filtering out nightmares and focusing on the good dreams.

Pankaj Khanna, MD, and founder of Gem Selections believes that wearing suitable jewelry according to your zodiac signs is one way towards investing in positivity and good luck. Streamline your energies today with the right lucky jewelry piece.

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