Reasons To Read Your Horoscope

What Is A Horoscope And Why Should You Read It?

What Is A Horoscope?

Your Horoscope is what some people claim can predict the present and future events in your life that relate to love, finances, relationships, work, and family. Predictions are formulated using the year, the day, and the hour of your birth. By determining what path the sun, moon, and planets were on in relation to the Zodiac constellations at the exact moment you were born, a formula can be used to predict things concerning your present and future.

Sounds simple enough right? But it’s actually complex, and depending on what zodiac chart you’re using and the belief system you use, things could get very complicated. Also, whether or not you include the thirteenth zodiac sign, that according to NASA, the Babylonians left out when they invented the calendar year, called Ophiuchus (pronounced or-few-cus).

Ophiuchus is really the 13th constellation the sun passes in a calendar year, known as “The Snake Bearer”

If you were born under Ophiuchus’ influential sign between the date of Nov. 29th – Dec. 17th, you may have been mislead your whole life about your true astrological sign.

Why Should You Read Your Horoscope?

Horoscopes are meant to maximize happiness and eliminate confusion or problems. (Something we could all use.) While I don’t always believe them to be the truth, I find them entertaining. I enjoy reading the daily and monthly horoscope for my sign, Libra.

Sometimes I feel like they’re spot on and can read my very soul and then sometimes I laugh at the generic verbal diarrhea. Either way, I personally consider it my scientific duty anytime I encounter one to see if it proves right or not. What about you?

The 3 Different Kinds Of Astrology

No matter what kind of astrology most hold true to 12 signs and/or constellations.

The first is called “Western Astrology” that represents the 12-13 signs of the zodiac signs such as: Aries, Virgo, Leo, etc…

Western Astrology uses a straightforward method that is good for larger groups but not so personable unless getting extremely complex. This method is practiced more in America than anywhere else.

Then there’s “Eastern Astrology” in Asian and Chinese culture , which uses signs such as the Rat, Dragon, Snake, etc…

Last there is also “Hindi Astrology” also known as (“Vedic Astrology“).

Vedic Astrology goes by the most ancient and complete system of astrology known to mankind. There is an ancient text known as the Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, which is the only early astrology book to be found in it’s entirety. By many, it is considered more exact and approachable.

Are Horoscopes Real Or Fake?

That’s a tough one to answer. I can tell you that roughly 90% of people, whether they believe in astrology or not, know which sign they were born under. While some people may laugh off their predictions for entertainment purposes only, others will swear by their predictions and are adamant, when done correctly, horoscopes can have the power to change your life.

The practice of horoscopes, zodiacs, and fortune telling is an ancient practice. Dating since before Babylonian, Egyptian and Myan cultures disappeared. Christian and Jewish cultures mention astrology too. The Bible illustrates in the book of Genesis that Angels or “Watchers” gave man forbidden knowledge of the stars and planets.

Are Horoscopes Science?

According to scholars at the Scientific American, there have never been any scientific tests done or any evidence that proves or disproves the validity of horoscopes. Weird right? I couldn’t find any in my quest to write this article, either. There is however proof that horoscopes are gaining in popularity. Whether it’s for belief or for entertainment purposes who knows? I’ve had horoscopes be spot on and some way off..

What Does Your Horoscope Have To Do With Jewelry?

The Zodiac and Astrology have corresponding natural elements that represent each individual sign here on earth, including precious gems and stones. By wearing items unique to their own Zodiac sign/symbol, many people believe them to be a charm or talisman that will help to navigate difficult choices in life and also to protect or bring them luck.

Jewelry representing the Zodiacs became popular in the 1930’s during the great depression and again in the 1970’s during the conflict in Vietnam. (Also known as the Age of Aquarius.)

Today, jewelry related to your astrological sign is in full trend again and has made a revolutionary comeback. Some scientists believe that during periods of stress or great change is when the Zodiac jewelry tends to trend. Now, the Zodiac jewelry can also incorporate any Astrological elements, colors, stones, or other personable items you would like made into the design. Individuals using special molds can blend ingredients that once were impossible. Making jewelry designs truly one-of-a-kind.

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