Ways to Wear Your Zodiac Jewelry

Ways To Wear Your Chinese Zodiac Jewelry!

In the year of the Ox it’s not only about jewelry etiquette, it’s also about balancing the elements to achieve Feng Shui and cosmically opening yourself up to positive energy. Positive energy that carries within itself peace of mind, health, and fortune.

Using Zodiac jewelry, you can capitalize on those great vibrations and bring yourself a successful year. How? There are simple things that you can do that will carry a big impact. Start by learning to wear your Zodiac jewelry in certain ways and with certain corresponding elements to will help you achieve the best results.

Capitalize Your Luck Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui, and the 5 Elements Theory, go hand in hand. Add Yin-Yang Theory to your own powerful Chinese Zodiac, and what you have now, is cosmic balance on steroids.

You can achieve an ambiance that is amplified and channeled to directly effect your day to day life. Raising your Chi to the point of being a constant receptor for positive energy that feels good. Did you know that doing so can also benefit those nearest you?

Even just wearing the powerful symbol of your birth this year can bring good fortune. Balancing out your symbols and elements in a way that strengthens it’s effects is not as hard as you might think. So let’s begin!

Wearing Your Zodiac Jewelry Favorably

You’re in the right place to learn how to wear your zodiac jewelry to optimize your positive energy and learn to balance out your chi in a way that brings favor and fortune. Enjoy!

Identifying The Right Birth Stones For The Right Element.



Wood Element = Emeralds and Aventurine / Green

  • Tiger
  • Rabbit

Fire Element = Garnet and Amethyst Stones/ Red or Purple

  • Snake
  • Horse

Metal Element = Moonstone and Hematite/ White or Grey

  • Monkey
  • Rooster

Water Element = Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli/ Blue or Black

  • Rat
  • Pig

Earth Element = Tiger’s Eye and Citrine/ Yellow or Brown

  • Dog
  • Ox
  • Dragon
  • Goat

When your natural element is out of whack, use a supporting element. Which one?

Remember this easy way of identifying a supporting element!

Wood feeds Fire

Fire creates Earth

Earth makes Metal

Metal carries Water

Water feeds Wood

Where should you place these stones for the best energy flow?

Are you suffering from one or more of these conditions? Then your elemental birthstone and nature can handle the negative energy these symptoms can bring. Acting when the symptoms arise will help to balance out your positive energy quicker and also help to keep the negative aspects of these awful emotions from completely consuming you.

  • Anger – wood – place below chest on right or the heel of your foot
  • Anxiety – Fire – Place on palm or under armpit
  • Grief – Metal – Place below nose or on collar bone
  • Fear – Water – Place back of knee or ball of foot
  • Worry – Earth – Place on throat or front hip

These are your lucky and accenting colors below for each Zodiac. You’ll want to wear these colors in conjunction with your element stones and lucky colors.

Elements and positive emotions are what determines where on your body you should wear your Zodiac Stones :

Elements should place their Zodiac accents where it will help attract the most positive results..

For Happiness – Wear on top of shoes or place on head.

For Wealth: Place in pockets, palm or heel.

For Health: Place at the balls of your feet or armpits. Or on your head or ring finger.

For Favor or Luck: Place around your wrist, throat, or toes.

For Love: Place on ring finger, breast, or around your neck.

To Ward Off Evil: Place around head, neck, waist, above heart, around wrist, or in pocket after being blessed and accented with birth element stone and/or element.

For Fire –> use Ceramic or Glass.

For Water –> use Perfume or Sea salt.

For Earth –> use Flowers or Clay

For Wood –> use Paper or Incense

For Metal –> use Coins or Bells

Check Below For 2021 Lucky Colors:

The Year Of The:


Colors: Green, Blue, Gold


Colors: Red and Blue


Colors: Blue, Gray, and White


Colors: Red and Pink


Colors: Gold and Silver


Colors: Black and Red

Add fire in the form of ceramics and glass Northeast 30 degrees.


Colors: Purple, Brown, and Yellow

Add fire in the form of ceramics and glass South 180 degrees.


Colors: Green, Red, and Purple


Colors: Blue, White and Gold


Colors: brown, yellow


Colors: Green, Black, and Purple


Colors: Blue and Black

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