Where To Buy Your Jewelry?

Jewelry is the apogee of your outfit and personality, but many people can’t afford them. Some wear poor quality and cheap jewelry because of the cost of authentic ones. These accessories are all about appearance, and cheap-looking jewelry is often a worse fashion faux pas than no jewelry.

Fortunately, the jewelry industry is quite versatile. It is possible to finish your look with classy pieces that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The internet makes your quest for better deals easier, because most reputable stores are now selling their products online.

We’ve made your search easier, by compiling a well-researched list of where to get classy, affordable jewelry.


Curio aims to democratize diamonds. Everything in their outlets costs $60 and below. The company sells both natural and artificial diamonds.

Curio makes all their products from quality gold vermeil, usually 14 carats per set. Their product line includes rings, pendants, stacking rings, and bracelets.

These items are all delicate and tastefully designed to offer exceptionally good looks and provide excellent value to the buyer. More importantly, you can have your chain necklace personalized with your zodiac sign or name.

Pamela Love

This New York-based company makes necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Pamela Love often plates their jewelry with 14-carat gold.

You can wear their golden-plated jewelry among your friends and colleagues, and they would pass as genuine. This company doesn’t just sell budget jewelry; they also have genuine pieces that cost more.

They are a fully-fledged online shop tailored to cater for your jewelry needs.


Budget jewelry in this shop costs between $30 and $50. They have a pricier vermeil collection, but it is still under $100.

Besides giving you affordable jewelry, the company also sells you high-quality, customizable pieces that makes you to stand out. They sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and stacking rings.

The company has a lower-priced outlet known as Sugarfix that sells jewelry between $10 and $30. The jewelry you find at Sugarfix is of good quality, but not as the ones found at BaubleBar.


Mejuri has a wide variety of products that have a wide range of prices. You will find pricey jewelry on this platform, but they also sell affordable pieces.

The beauty with this shop is that their cheaper pieces are also very classy. This is because Mejuri is committed to maintaining its opulent brand. A cursory look wouldn’t tell the difference. This store is rather minimalist, and it is where you go when looking for options for classic understated elegance.

The Last Line

This is the place for people seeking jewelry that stands out. Their pieces are colorful, oversized, and generally conspicuous.

The company’s goal is to be a one-stop-shop for jewelry. They have products for all preferences and budgets. Fortunately for the bargain hunters, jewelry from this company is both classy and affordable.


Gorjana is another store that sells everything under $100. The outlet is based in Laguna Beach and has a wide variety of jewelry options for you to choose from. It is unlikely anyone will get in the store and fail to find something intriguing. Their jewelry is gold plated with outstanding artistry, which gives it the right look and durability.

Stone and Strand

Stone and Strand is a one-stop-shop for your golden jewelry needs. The source of their gold and diamonds ethically comes from conflict-free countries and areas. Besides scrupulously sourcing for their raw materials, Stone and Strand fashion has some of the best jewelry and stock products made by companies with similar ethical standards.

Most of the pieces you find in this outlet are made from solid 14-carat gold, making them relatively pricey. Stone and Strand have gone the extra mile to provide cheaper gold-plated options for customers with similar scruples.

Final Thought

People have different jewelry preferences. The list we have provided above caters to both the high end and the low shoppers. The shops provide options for people who prefer both understated elegance or bold fashion.

Lower budget pieces are good when you don’t have the money to buy more expensive ones. However, it might cost you less in the long run if you buy the genuine ones as they last longer.

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