Why Wear Your Zodiac Jewelry When Joining Contests?

Zodiacal signs first originated from the Babylonians who were great and keen astronomers and who created the concept of twelve zodiac signs around the end of the fifth century, two thousand years BC.

Many of us love read our horoscope for an indication of our finances, health, love, career – and luck!

Not all people are lucky in financial matters but you can win any contest when you wear your lucky zodiac jewelry, or so many of us believe.

The star sign Aries is blessed with a tad more luck than others it seems, so wearing their lucky zodiac jewelry will just add to their good fortune. Aries are hailed as the luckiest zodiac sign in finances. This could be because they are highly motivated individuals who focus on the types of work that will ensure financial stability. They are also the zodiac’s risk-takers, and as born leaders they can motivate others to work with them towards a common goal.

The next luckiest sign is Taurus, with many Taurians being passionate entrepreneurs. They have to work hard though, and thus wearing lucky zodiac jewelry could stand them in good stead when they strive to win, whether it is in contests or their work. They are also very stable and grounded and are known to be frugal and don’t like to waste money, so Taurus might not be inclined to enter into risky contests to win cash. They are the type that would rather work towards gain that risk it with luck.

Leo is the next sign known for luck in the zodiac. Because they are automatically lucky, these are people who believe they can win by wearing their lucky jewelry in a contest. The belief is so strong that it actually works! This sign amasses a good amount of wealth in life and knows how to save their money, but they have a weakness for shopping and are probably already eyeing the next necklace or bracelet or ring that will bring them further good luck.

Another sign believed to be in the top five luckiest star signs is that of Pisces. Apparently, Pisceans are very good with money matters and know how to invest in ventures that ensure good returns. They do, however, take a long time to reach their goals and have to work really hard to be successful. Thus, many Pisceans will be seen wearing their lucky zodiac jewelry to give them a boost in luck.

The fifth and final star sign deemed luckiest in the zodiac is Virgo. This shrewd sign is calculating in money matters, only venturing into things in which they are certain to win. They are always extremely lucky in finances and even though it may seem that they struggle to win, they do win and they win big!

Whether or not you are fortunate enough to be one of these automatically lucky signs, you can win any contest when you wear your lucky zodiac jewelry because wearing your zodiac sign is a great way of showing respect to the sign and this draws a lot of positive energy to you.

There is a lot of truth in saying you can win any contest when you wear your lucky Zodiac jewelry because often we all make our own luck. Having a lucky stone or symbol such as your star sign, in a necklace, bracelet or ring allows you to rub it to bring your focus back to enhancing your luck throughout any contest

So, depending on what your zodiac sign is, various kinds of stones or colors and other symbols are available to either bring you good luck, or peace or even love, for those looking for it.

Here is list of the kinds of gem stones each sign could have made into jewelry and wear to a contest they might want to win.

Aries has an affinity with carnelian, while Taurus aligns with emerald and you can just imagine all the good luck that would come to a bright emerald necklace. Gemini can attract luck with something made of smooth, cool agate and Cancer will know luck is shining on them with moonstones, while Leo attracts luck with citrine. Imagine that in a ring? The luckiest stone for Virgo is a sapphire and for Libra, rose quartz and opal.

While Scorpio’s ideal stone to make jewelry from is topaz, they have a wider variety to select from, such as amethyst, aquamarine, tourmaline, fire opal and even beryl if they like. Sagittarius is bound to have luck wearing jewelry made of turquoise, the symbol of the sea and sky. Lapis lazuli is also a good choice for this star sign.

Capricorn’s ideal stone is amber, while Aquarius can make some stunning good luck jewelry out of moss agate or even jasper. And finally, Pisceans could choose aquamarine stone for rings or necklaces to bring them good luck in contests.

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